About MonsterMeal®

MONSTERMEAL® products work. They are all extremely palatable products that will provide your deer with excellent nutrition. The palatability and the nutrition your deer experience with MONSTERMEAL® will naturally and consistently attract your deer to where you want them to be. You can know you have made the right choice as MONSTERMEAL® will perform for you and your deer.

MONSTERMEAL® products are formulated by a lifelong avid wildlife enthusiast and highly successful hunter, who holds a PH.D. degree in ruminant animal nutrition. MONSTERMEAL® products are manufactured in a facility that utilizes only the best available ingredients, follows strict manufacturing and quality standards and understands that as a purchaser of MONSTERMEAL® products, you deserve only effective and consistent products.

MONSTERMEAL® understands that deer are animals with certain likes, dislikes and characteristics that make them truly unique. Addressing those factors with the right products containing the desired ingredients assembled properly in the correct proportions allow MONSTERMEAL® to offer you a line of products that will perform in today's wildlife environment.

MONSTERMEAL® appreciates your interest in MONSTERMEAL® products and is confident you will be pleased with the results that MONSTERMEAL® will deliver as you attract and nutritionally supplement your deer herd.