About Nick's Wild Ride

Pick a place on the globe. Find a species to hunt or fish in that place. Hitch a ride to get there. Find out what makes that place tick.

Nick's Wild Ride, with host Nick Hoffman, takes viewers on a unique journey as Nick digs deep into the food, culture, music, history, and heartbeat of a location as he hunts and fishes.

This isn't a head-to-an-outfitter-and-hunt kind of show. It's acutally the antithesis of that. It's as much about the travel and adventure as it is about the hunt and canvassing the globe to find interesting places, compelling people, vibrant cluture, and good food. Follow Nick on his quest to find non-typical species in non-typical places and soak up whatever craziness comes his way in the process.

Each episode leaves the viewer asking, "where will Nick end up next week?"

THE HOST: Most people know Nick Hoffman as 1/3 of country trio THE FARM, or they may formerly know him as the award-winning dynamic fiddle player from superstar Kenny Chesney's band. Or perhaps they recognize him from the many cameo appearances he's made on outdoor TV. However people know him, they've never seen him quite like this. Although he has spent years on stage in the spotlight new and old fans alike will enjoy seeing a side of Nick that showcases his love for travel and the outdoors.